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<h2>Active People </h2>
Tim McGuire is a highly experienced commercial photographer and outdoor photographer now based in The Methow Valley of North Central Washington state. Until 2022 he had his business based in Seattle, WA for 20+ years). His work takes place not just in Washington or the Pacific Northwest but all over the world. This gallery is a sample of his outdoor active lifestyle and sports / fitness work.

Tim has a lifetime of personal experience with outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking, biking, skiing, sea kayaking, backpacking, camping, trail running, and travel. Having these experiences gives his images authenticity and that little something special that comes from living what he photographs.
There are many ways to categorize Tim McGuire and his professional photography business in The Methow Valley. He is an active lifestyle photographer, an Outdoor photographer, marketing photographer, or a branding photographer and works worldwide. Tim primarily works with businesses making imagery for advertising and promotional work used in branding and marketing. / 206-390-3301
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