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Tim McGuire is an experienced portrait photographer in The Methow Valley of North Central Washington state who has been creating portraits for commercial, editorial, and personal clients for over 20 years. Tim creates his portraits on location and in studio all around the world. For 20+ years prior to 2023 Tim was based in Seattle, WA.

Meeting and photographing people in their element, that place and activity where they feel most "at home" and comfortable. That is where they "shine" and that is what Tim loves to create and capture. It is a constant honor and inspiration for Tim to meet and photograph people of all kinds who, for a short time, "allow me a little glimpse into their lives" and who they are.

"I've always thought of photography as my vehicle for experiencing the world" - Tim McGuire
There are many ways to categorize Tim McGuire and his professional photography business: location photographer from Methow Valley, editorial photographer, portrait photographer in the Methow Valley, Environmental portrait, active lifestyle photographer in the Methow Valley, Outdoor photographer in the Methow Valley, marketing / branding photographer in Seattle. Tim primarily works with businesses making imagery for advertising and promotional work often used in branding and marketing.
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